the mite offering

Every offering counts

In Luke 2 and Mark 12, we are introduced to an unnamed woman, an overlooked character, a forgotten widow.

As Jesus is in the Temple observing givers give their offerings, he witnesses this widow give two small mites (coins). Hear the power of Jesus' statement of this woman's act:

"...This widow has given by far the largest offering today. All these others made offerings that they'll never miss; she gave extravagantly what she couldn't afford - she gave her all!" Luke 12:1-4 MSG 

The beauty of this solitary moment in history is that we see this woman give sacrificially, out of her love for God. And more than that, God saw and took note - not just saw, but recorded it in the pages of history.

Annually, the Women's Ministry of Indiana are going to "adopt" a cause, a project, a group that we are compelled by God to bless with an offering. Our challenge to you is to give, to give your best, to give a gift, not from your surplus, but from your heart. And trust that God will see and will acknowledge for all time your sacrifice of love.

our 2017 recipient

lake placid conference center

Lake Placid Conference Center is in need of new bunk beds for the Retreat Center. Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase 21 complete sets. We will be collecting the Mite Offering at this year's Vital Conference in September. Please prayerfully consider what your church can contribute to this worthy cause.

Our Goal


21 complete sets ($500 per unit)