Our guest speaker

Dawn Raley

Pastor Dawn Raley and her husband, Pastor Jim Raley, have been the senior pastors at Calvary Christian Center in Ormond Beach, Florida since 1997. Through their ministry, the church has seen incredible growth as it relates to the vision of Calvary - to experience the Spirit, to embrace the lost, and to live the life.

They have three children; Courtney (24), Channing (18), and their son, Peyton (11).

Pastor Dawn leads the Ministry of Prayer and the Women of Calvary Ministry. Her heart's desire is for all to understand the importance of prayer, knowing that it will equip women with the power and purpose God has for their lives. She has a strong desire in her heart to see women come to the knowledge of who they are in Jesus and in His Word so that they may be equipped to do battle through prayer.

Having a hunger for revival, God's Word, and the growth of the church propels her to move beyond her comfort zone and pursue God's calling. She has risen above and has overcome many obstacles of insecurity and fear and now desires to see women walk in their divine calling by doing the same.

Pastor Dawn passionately believes in the power of prayer and has a mandate from the Lord to "Pray Through!"

Mark your calendars!

Vital 2018

September 28-29

at The Caring Place in Indianapolis