As Indiana A/G Women, one of our goals is to be a blessing to our Missionaries. Our Martha Room is one way for us to do that. When our Missionaries return to itinerate, they have to set up a household - a home base if you will. As you can imagine, this can be very costly.

That is where we step in. Located at the District Office (central to Indiana), we have a storage area full of items necessary to set up a household. We want to see Missionary families walk in and find items that would benefit them in their itineration process. Almost like giving them a wedding shower. We want to keep this room stocked with items in neutral colors that can be used in any home decor and leave it up to the Missionary to bring in their accents and personal touch.

We also accept gift card donations that the Missionary can then use to purchase their own choices to set up their household. If your church would like to donate to Our Martha Room, please review the downloadable list of appropriate donations. 

Thank you for being a blessing to our Indiana Missionaries!



Missionaries Brett & Susan VanderMolen were able to visit Our Martha Room when they were home from Cambodia.