We are looking for 1000 women across Indiana to partner with us to see ministry happen in our great District.

These are women who:

  • Desire to pray for the leadership of Women's Ministries. You will receive a quarterly "Call to Prayer" with the needs of our leadership, missionaries, and churches as those needs are made available to us.
  • Desire to see us have strong, Pentecostal events for the women of our District.
  • Desire to see us reach out to our Indiana Missionaries/Global Workers/Home Missions/Ministries in Indiana and worldwide.
  • Desire to see a strong leadership team for the Regions of Indiana.
  • Desire to remain strong warriors in prayer, pulling down strongholds in the heavenlies and fighting for the women of Indiana.
  • Desire to see training made available for every church in our District, regardless of size. That would allow us to raise up strong teams of leaders in every A/G church in Indiana.
  • Desire to see all Indiana A/G Pastor's Wives supported with prayer, ministry, and training on a consistent basis.

We will create a Sisterhood of women.

Fighting together for the women of Indiana.

You will receive:

  • Personal lunch with Indiana A/G Women's Director and Guest Speaker at our Vital Conference.
  • Invitation to participate in all Women's Leadership Events.
  • Quarterly Newsletter with special needs and reports from our Missionaries/Global Workers/Home Missions Department.
  • Gift for you, as part of our Sisterhood, at each of our Indiana Women's Events.

What is the cost? You choose either a one-time $100 donation per year, or $10 monthly for one year.  We'd love to have you partner with us - join the Sisterhood today!