Our Martha Room
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As Indiana Women’s Ministries, one of our goals is to be a blessing to our Missionaries. Our Martha Room is one way for us to do that. When our Missionaries return to itinerate, they have to set up a household - a home base if you will. As you can imagine, this can be very costly.

That is where we step in, located at the District Office (central to Indiana), we have a storage area ready to hold tons of items to help set-up a household. Our goal would be for our Missionary families to walk in and find items that would benefit them in that process. Almost like giving them a “wedding” shower. Think of all of the things that are so necessary. Our goal will be to have items in neutral colors that could be used in any home decor and we will leave it up to the Missionary to bring in their accents and personal touch.

What about gift cards? Maybe your group would like to purchase Visa/Mastercard gift cards. We would like these in increments of $50 or $25 so Missionaries would be able to purchase many items that we are unable to provide in our limited space.

Items will be collected at our Regional Encounters in April or may be delivered to the District Office any time during the year.

Would you consider being a part of the BLESSING?

 Kitchen Items
Corel Dishes set for 8
Glasses for 8
Silverware for 8
Pots and Pans
9”x13” Baking Pan
8”x8” Baking Pan
11”x15” Pan (Cookie Sheet)
Cooking Utensils:
    Wooden Spoons
    Pancake Turner
    Paring Knife
    Carving Knife
    Potato/Carrot Peeler
    Pizza Cutter
Plastic Storage Bowls w/Lids
Personal Size Foreman (or replica Grill)
Keurig Coffee Maker
Pot Holders
Dish Towels
Dish Cloths
Trash Can
Electric Mixer

Bathroom Items
Bath Towels
Wash Cloths
Toilet Plunger
Bath Rug
Laundry Baskets

Bedroom Items
Sheet Sets - King/Queen/Twin
Pillow Cases (to match sheets)
Matress Pad

Miscellaneous Supplies
Vacuum Cleaner
Tool Kit
Power Drill
Cleaning Supplies:
    Paper Towels/Rags
    Spray Bottle, etc

Children’s Toys
Preschool Toys
Elementary Toys:
Jr. High/High School Toys:
Amazon/iTunes Gift Cards


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