Ladies Investing For Eternity
The "LIFE" offering helps to bring  financial "LIFE" to both the Women's Ministries Department and also to missionary needs.  Ladies who choose to be a part of  "LIFE" pledge to pray for the Indiana District Women's Ministries Department at least once a week for the next 12 months and give an offering in the amount of $25 or more to support these ministries.

Martha Room
At the District office there is a room which is replenished with household items throughout the year by Indiana ladies.  As missionaries arrive home or return to the field they may come and select items from the Martha Room which they use to set up their household on the mission field at no cost to them.  Offerings for replenishing the room may be sent to Indiana District Assemblies of God Women's Ministries.

Container List/Offering
Each year a missionary is selected for our yearly project and missions trip.  We request that the missionary supply us with a "wish list" and we try to supply as many of the items on the list as possible.  This is done by people and churches adopting items and sending offerings to cover the larger items. If they cannot accept a container, we collect an offering that they can use to purchase the items they need.  It is an incredible blessing to their ministry!
Serving Everyone Everywhere Deliberately (SEED) Fund
Many times there are requests for help that are immediate and cannot wait for funds to be raised. The SEED fund is there for those occasions, whether it is for a new church plant, or a missionary, or a natural disaster. If we can all sow a seed, by investing a little a month or a yearly amount, God can multiply it into a bountiful harvest!

"In A Fix"
We periodically choose a project within Indiana to help with.  Funds are raised for supplies and the ladies do the work to renovate and rejuvanate a worthwhile project.  Watch the "Events" page for details on an upcoming project.

See You At The Altar
An annual Women's Ministries sponsored prayer program, is designed to partner and coincide with the youth prayer emphasis, See You At The Pole.  On the third Wednesday in September, students across Amercia will meet at flagpoles before school begins to pray for fellow students, faculty and administration.  Pastors are encouraged to open their church doors early on this day and invite parents, grandparents and anyone interested to come throughout the day and pray for their children.


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